Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A message from Scott at Brea Bead Works

Our blog is getting active with postings about bead projects and trends. I have the opportunity to post information about our store, Brea Bead Works, but I want to take this time to talk about the biggest event going on right now in the bead world. It’s the Southern California Bead Shop Hop. We are so pleased to bring you the largest Bead Shop Hop in the United States.

Even though there’s one more week of the Bead Shop Hop, the bead store owners in the association want to “THANK YOU.” The association has built the Bead Shop Hop to highlight member’s stores because they’re all so different. The owners and staff of each store appreciate you supporting the locally owned businesses. 
These stores are here to educate and inspire your love for beads. We understand in today’s world you have many options to buy from, but please think about visiting your local bead store before you purchase on-line or from a catalog. While the stores can’t carry every product available, the stores can meet your every day needs. Many of these stores have trunk shows featuring quality products not normally carried that spice up the stores selection. They do this for you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please ask. The stores are interested in hearing about your needs and if they don’t carry that particular item they will refer you to another store that might have it. 

As stated by a movement called the “3/50 Project” the idea is to think about three locally owned businesses in your community. Now imagine those businesses gone! Your favorite restaurant, spa, or even favorite bead store. Gone! You would be sad. Now go visit those businesses and say “THANK YOU.” These businesses are there for you. If you spend $50 or more at each business per month you would make a huge impact to our economy and effectively keep your local economy strong. It would keep people employed, keep retail spaces leased, and the majority of the tax money will stay in your local community, which is definitely needed these days.

 2012 Beader's Night Out Project
Our goal as an association is to bring you events like Beaders’ Night Out, which is our opportunity to thank you for your support. We offer special Make N Takes and fun promotions. We also offer a jewelry design contest called “For the Love of Beads”, as well as other exciting events. Our mission is to offer you the best customer service, fair prices, and a creative and inspiring environment to be nurtured in.
Happy Beading!!

Brea Bead Works
1027 E. Imperial Hwy, D-5
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: (714) 671-9976

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