Monday, February 18, 2013

There are so many new things happening at Beads and More these days it makes me happy to be the owner of a bead store and a member of the SCLBSA .   Beads and More is located in Pacific Beach on the coast of San Diego.  Our store will be celebrating 21 years of business on April 1st of this year.  I am the second owner of the store and have owned it now for almost 15 years.  I love beading today just as much if not more as I did the first time I made a piece of jewelry.  One thing that I love about owning a bead store by the beach is "having to" purchase seashells, pearls, coral, and ocean themed beads and findings.  Oh darn!

I just got back from shopping at The Tucson Gem and Mineral show where I was on a hunt for four days for items that would stun and "wow" our customers.  Finding new ocean themed products can sometimes be a challenge but I think that I accomplished my mission.   I bought beautiful new Abalone shell pendants in the shape of Plumeria flowers.  Perfect for a day at the beach.  I also found stunning Mother of Pearl flower shaped pendants in two different sizes.  Great for earrings and necklaces. 

Next I purchased semi-precious and natural stones that may remind one of their trip to the beach with stunning colors of aqua blue and turquoise.  My favorite of these purchases are the stands of Apatite and Peruvian Opals..  Both are beautifully cut and are clear like the water of the Pacific Ocean.  I love them and I know that you will too.  Simply stunning!

There are so many new products I could go on and on but now I have the undaunting task of getting them all out on the floor for purchase. So the next time you are in Pacific Beach, stop by and say hello.  My name is Julia and I would be happy to help you make a beautiful piece of jewelry.  There is always something to new to show you and I would be happy to do so!

Julia Armfield

owner of.....
Beads and more
4150 mission Blvd., ste 111
San Diego, Ca 92109